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Ancelotti announces a surprise in Real Madrid line up for the Champions League final

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti spoke after his team’s 6-0 victory over Levante on Thursday evening, and announced a surprise about the formation of the Champions League final against Liverpool. His statements were as follows:

Vinicius and Benzema

“Vinicius and Benzema did very well, uniting, like the whole season. The credit goes to the team effort to show their quality. The time helped both of them to understand each other well.”

Final plan

“4-3-3 which, sometimes, can go to 4-4-2. I think there is no set plan. To put pressure on the pivot, like we did against City, we started 4-3-3 but then switched to Modric to control Rodri and we went to 4-4-1-1. It depends on the opponent and how we want to put pressure on him.”

two colors and courtois

“Lonin will play against Cadiz and Courtois against Betis”.

Team morale

“We did well because my self-esteem has grown a lot after winning the league and reaching the final. There is a time constraint and you have to be strong and committed. Today we did very well on the pitch and I liked that.”

Ancelotti is the best coach in Europe?

“It’s hard to say. I don’t like to vote for myself, let others do it. I am having a happy moment in my career and I hope to continue like this for a long time. A difficult goal awaits us. In Europe there are very good coaches.”


“Valverde lately is someone who shows his qualities on the pitch. He has a great shot and he has to show it. Whenever he gets the chance to shoot, he has a great shot. Physically, with this verticality with the ball, it is very rare to have a midfielder with such specifications nowadays.”

When asked about the final against Liverpool, he stated that both Rodrygo and Valverde “will play in the final”. Yes, the answer could be a “hoax”, because it didn’t specify that they would do it from the start or as replacements. 

Valverde or Rodrygo for the Champions League final?

“The two will go into the final.”

Hazard vs Kadesh

“Against Cadiz, players like Militao, Casemiro and Kroos will be ready. We will get Ceballos and Asensio back. Everything is scheduled. I also think Hazard will be back on Sunday. We have started preparing almost the entire team.”

Message to Levante after landing

“It’s a sad day for Levante and I want to send a message of support to everyone, the coach, the club and the fans. Soon they will return to the Premier League.”

Source: Defensa Central

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