When Cristiano Ronaldo impressed Teammates in Training

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Renato Sanchez comes on his first start for his country, prefers Ilyation to Guerrero in people, the other has to play a little wider, and what a start again because Sanchez deserves a match with Brzezinski in two minutes the world was waiting for it and now he is handing the number 9 to the continents on Aim well finally if you think about the number of chances in this tournament, what a very good tendency to play on Lewandowski.

Lewandowski would run away from anyone breaking into his midfield, then drop into that pocket of space and catch the ball as he waits for it to arrive before Pepe is the purest Meleks serendonski on his way, Pepe is back on his heels just in time to throw the ball. Boot in the road and give the pole in the corner and that’s a great link to play again I think Adrien Silva’s lunch.

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