Real Madrid

How The Whole World Admires Cristiano Ronaldo

this receives a senior international debut and left back in place of Rafael Guerrero and Radandes gets a starting midfield Hilda Postage drops down to the substitutes bench but this man and the ice of many is currently unassailable at the top of the world game but both he and Missy are Leonel Messi has lost his bond or crown of course to Cristiano Ronaldo we’ll be hoping to retain it when the glittering ceremony arrives again in Zurich in Jenin holding midfield role was the warning for Missy behind Missy the figure in the Meli.

I see Kelly obviously in city music [Applause] Nancy again Judy Murray just a little cute pass here from Missy to the stride of DeMaria the game’s opening chance falling 2d Maria and Argentina Missi and salary Valentina just across the city with mr. city ​​it’s been since piccolo.

stepping here are – they’re from Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t that long ago that a group of Manchester United fans paid for a an aero plane – for me over much trailing behind Cristiano it a banner saying come home is Ronaldo [Applause] Pepe 23 girls already this season for Real Madrid .

Tiago lovely fit from Ronaldo opens a space here for bossing what you say blessing were lovely delightful touch here from Ronaldo Leo Messi take on the divot until Gugu miss be Leah Whitson messy again flat stays down the face it was such an acute angle he just couldn’t find the back of the neck little burst of acceleration from Leo Messi how often we’ve seen in onside Pepe

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