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A prolific goal maker and a brilliant person in the history of football, Lionel Messi is an innovative, distinctive and precise player who joined the passion for football in 1995 as a simple boy. He joined Barcelona when he was just 16 years old. He played for the club and gained name and fame.

Previously he wasn’t given chances to prove it but in better times somehow he got chances 5 times as a substitute and he proved that he is a good and worthy person for his team. He proved that he was an outstanding and brilliant footballer. Messi left no stone unturned in scoring goals for his team whenever opportunities arose and he is the player whose name appears on the score sheet since he played any match against any strong team.

He is the player who plays not only to please himself but also to please his fans, fans, teammates and team. Besides, when he started playing from the bench, he was a really good player and he has proven himself, thus his standing as a footballer lives up to what is required. In this video you will experience the fact that the only way to make progress by leaps and bounds is to put in a great deal of effort without caring for others and without caring about being tired. Messi struggled a lot to achieve it.

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