Real Madrid

The Most Creative & Smart Plays In Football

Skip the environment in style at the absolutely stunning Santiago Bernabé [Applause] The sound of Santiago Bernabé and the main aspect of this huge Colosseum and features the characteristics of three phases of Cristiano and Marcelo while on the right side alone Carvajal composes Carvajal contraction that puts him at risk of muscle spasm and falls asleep touching the ball Cristiano claims penalty on.

Bernabeu because a little monkey came to us touching the towering ball Cristiano touched the ball for Real Madrid plays the ball to Karim Benzema and goes looking for the box in the middle.

The Spaniard to invent with Toni Kroos Toni Kroos inside For the Croatian, there is pressure on Messi just entered Carvajal, Carvajal positioned in the far corner of the Carvajal center to defend Barcelona but he managed to get past the difficulties he played Leo-heel on the inside the more mind is determined will strike third

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