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Aston Villa 0-2 Manchester United Bruno Fernandes 2nd Wonderful Goal

Greenwood, the first guy to find Wambasaka before I retired, was someone’s work within the code, there’s a goal down the left for the Aston Villa holiday problem and he definitely got that from his team and.

Watkins was stalking, that’s Douglas Lowe putting himself between Bruno getting the ball back in there Bruno Fernandes Douglas Luiz no closer than our corner in the four positions and above the top podium, he’s just trying all he can to see the action in the middle of those six yards box people .

Agree that forward Modi was surrounded he almost managed to get himself out of it try to win it again see you there here Ronaldo hits the border Bruno Fernandez Maguire in the space clock delivery by Bruno Fernandes he is a great header on the score of this Aston Villa have been very good in this job

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