Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo Memorable Moments That Everyone Will Miss

Johnson turns his back doesn’t mean he hits him in the head I think he’s got a cut there’s blood in there isn’t there just jumps and turns Doesn’t he try to pull the challenge and catches him as he is Nothing hits him on that I think from a judging standpoint but obviously another bad blow .

It’s the shape that caused the problem last season in the Champions League, Istanbul defeated against Al-Basha, here is something they could not recover from.

And his background ram, what a match that was a massive match that dominated the Liverpool game, but the strange goal in five penalty kicks 12 minutes after the end of the night I saw a man lying down and one man as if doing like this, I say I was very nervous, and I went To their face so you can not play this game and stop the match and looked the referee and the last man.

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