Real Madrid

Barcelona vs Linares Deportivo 2-1 All Goals & Highlights 2022 HD

In attack, a slight question is whether the 38-year-old Dani Alves at FC Barcelona and his debut will be whether he will play as full-back or as an ambassador playing with three central defenders or whether they will play as full-backs.

Four and Oscar in Greta as a right-back playing Alves and then it is clear that this other pass is famous for the balls and with Real Madrid this is half his chance and he came out clear of offside quickly but Bekambasa was high.

On attack, join Alba to dash forward first and this is a chance to chat, as Ricky’s shot not only puts an offside a bit of a stumble in the middle but looks uncomfortable.

For Nico who is after the through ball and is just scuffing wide there probably and opening well there for the cross and there is one goal two small lines.

Weak defense from Basa but the perfect finish there from the veteran striker here opens the scoring Yes it seems that putting that guy on the far post is a surprise Dani Alves seems to be pressing this guy back by the way the last team beat Butch again Nico that wasn’t a bad effort But the goalkeeper is able to see him widen comfortably, that’s a terrible mistake and it’s not a bad idea from Hugo but he fell for it.

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