FC Barcelona vs Mallorca Live

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Bartra Messi headed towards goal not the smallest goal they’ve ever met, but two edges so far from Suarez’s brilliant turn. Really worth it, and you’re about to make the point where the raffia turns into the goal itself, he took a messy little swerve, he’ll claim as a memorial goal for the couple ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now who has to catch him in 24 hours is Pedro’s offside not Patrick is a mess and there’s a rarity that Ibrahimovic one super fly is messy isn’t he and one magic ladder Luis Suarez is the star to stifle tonight Ibrahimovic Messi Neymar and now Suarez as they lead two goals to no great play Suarez celebrates on I’m sure that would have worked with Neymar.

Sergio Aguero is again producing the big moment for Manuel, they may be in trouble here, Manchester City regress to ten, so shortly after Aguero’s goal, they go to him again, a good companion who is as close as you can see without the ball ending . Well his back is a mess, Suarez was coming up against Joe Hart, that’s the post on his way out, it’s a good turn by Aguero here to Lionel Messi.


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