20 Beautiful Moments of Respect in Football

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Great games over the years in another awesome tackle from Cavalio and you’ll often win there’s a punch in there and it’s now pretty bad [Applause] Well, the referee sent off Cavalho and he has a slew of other stats to also sort out Ronaldo’s first red card attack, but amid it all is Cristiano Ronaldo.

He received a direct red card and it’s a second yellow for Sergio Ramos and he’s the referee who flew all the time Real Madrid, they were the best team for me overall but it’s the same old 2-2 story that night oh he was presented in the final challenge that the referee didn’t understand that he He was watching, not knowing what Black Danny could see.

Elvis’s father got half a yard in front of Ronaldo but Ronaldo kicked the ball that hit Dani Alves’ leg, he fell, it’s a bad decision by the assistant referee on the near side and that would be the end of the day for the Brazilian a terrible way to finish him and that’s what Real Madrid have earned their reputation for because of all The good that Mourinho did for them.

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