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Manchester United [3] -1 Burnley 2nd Half Begins Live

A perfect start to the second half from Burnley with a corner kick, it’s a really dangerous corner kick, Tarkowski came in with a great header and planted a header past Henderson and sometimes when you accept that you are in danger right after Pogba.

Greenwood Mason Greenwood in the box Greenwood Mason Greenwood’s scores deviated the man back for Manchester United and with seven to lead United once again.

2-1 Mason Green will be waiting here Greenwood He’s playing a hat-trick Remember that Mason Greenwood found Bruno Fernandez Fernandez.

Oh no, he did it again plus Antonella begs him No, please don’t dance and introduce us to the new Ricky Martin Need we say more, the video is enough Don’t you think let’s talk about the Premier League Manchester City took the groundbreaking show

Liverpool at the moment, let’s be careful, we won’t get into it too much on Wednesday night, the Nationals beat Brentford once, so that’s three more points, bringing their points total to 50 from 20 games, and Chelsea amassed 42 points from the same the number. In the matches, Liverpool 41 points, but one point less

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