Real Madrid

Lionel Messi When Free Kicks Become Art

It hasn’t been a good season on or off the field to get a second ball and I’m trying to push it through it and it’s actually been coming through glue for the past couple of years let’s see if they can take it out to Nuno speed wipes but Nuno is fast acclimatizing to burn, I’ll tell you what a throw The petition of Laurie Young who is now denied from the inside, the great Nigerian player is in the penalty area. [Applause] But he can put the ball in, he’s got a deflated beginner and hasn’t gotten a simple inside feed around marquinhos on the front foot ratata.

Fake buds block possession though 80-20. Pressed hard to decide which team would be sent back by a car in the chaotic opening half wide driven into steam coming out wide across PSG on a diagonal back for Argentinian excitement then fired back but didn’t He could cut the tube.

veered in trailing laureante run in the middle but watada does not take properly in the novice target [Music] Portino’s rim of 18 Mendes left Mendes in wide awake but went in the middle with a wise dive trying to get past the position, so he’s trying to catch a glimpse of the marquinhos he’s looking to deliver.

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