Real Madrid

17 Years Old Boy, Destroying EVERYONE … 🔥

Playing the ball, I think right-back Lustig he’s playing with takes a good touch who can’t get off his feet fast enough to miss Shavi van Dyke, and here Neymar is opened up again and Fraser is forced to juggle the balls. He passes either side if he wanted to use Neymar but after his performance tonight, no wonder he wanted another goal for himself Van Dijk.

Here caught beautiful feet again Neymar made us half so easy that ball over the top it’s Pedro and Neymar trying to hit it just to take this for Celtic there could be more for Barcelona team Sergio Roberto to come looking for 18 more goals. His first appearance in the brass was not revealed as Neymar took his boat players and perhaps the management feared that the scale of the defeat was a surprise it was not a terrible night for tonight and Neymar is keeping the ball.

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