Real Madrid

The Day Neymar Played The Most Entertaining Football

Missing from the teens tonight, Erica’s getting awkward, Nolita during this poor run of break-in to eleven starts in the big matches, I think she sends signals once and the rest of the squats moving on merit transfer fee isn’t Johnny not quite breaking a dip, Expand the center half straight to Frankfurt Barcelona.

What kind of complacency is going to bother thirsty January neighbors again this week until then we subtly did Naima three solos in the span of a week it’s been [Music] Iniesta – Neighbor’s enthusiasm to get the ball back to Roberto, mom, this is going to use up most of the uses, the defender is a war digging in pulling the great ball for defenders ever and walking towards the defenders very quickly he flicks from right to left. For a defender, I can’t do the same with a goalkeeper who can perform again goalkeeper Sergio Alvarez’s good reactions do not diminish.

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