Messi vs Neymar juggling the ball

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Well won by Messi well, I know I’m going out, you had to go out and do all this defending himself, then there was a lot of space in the back I just arrived from Milan in De Sciglio but the veteran is either tied down by looking at the job today and could open up again Barcelona movement looks great Really here on Asimo’s feet in the quarter-finals that pulled them for a run.

The show here isn’t even without Luis Suarez Messi and Neymar really, maybe he’s still high in the minds of managers as well as those who have been to Russia have done it, but they have to put the level of consistency together again next season they know now they can’t contain it, he’s been through many of them Unbelievably ..

Well it’s the stratospheric transfer fee they’re talking about, quite frankly he’s looking at another planet in this game, yeah the first girl was good, the second was absolutely outrageous, no way to work with you, the pictures look really shocking, right?

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