Real Madrid

Pablo Gavi Showing His Class! 2021/2022

Bartra Messi headed towards goal not the smallest goal they encountered. [Music] Brilliantly cornered by Suarez, Luis Suarez has been a wonderfully out of sight for Barcelona, ​​this is a quality goal from a good player who really deserves to steal it and you are about to illustrate the point where raffia turns into his own goal. A slightly messy aberration will be claimed as a memorial for the couple ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now what he has to catch up with in 24 hours is Pedro Les Patrick’s sneaky messy and there’s a rarity [Music] [Applause] Is Ibrahimovic one messy, super fly, isn’t he and one ladder, magician Luis Suarez, is the star stifling tonight Ibrahimovic Messi Neymar and now Suarez [Music] [Applause] They are up two goals to score a great goal [Applause] Suarez celebrates with certainty that he would have succeeded either in Neymar.

Sergio Aguero is again producing the big moment for Manuel, they may be in trouble here, Manchester City are relegated to ten players, so shortly after Aguero’s goal, they are back at him again [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Ok my friend which is as close as you can see without the ball ending up in the back chaotic [Applause] Well Suarez has come against Joe Hart, that’s the post on his way out, it’s a good turn by Aguero here to Lionel Messi.

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