Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos red card against Lorient

Your reaction after I screw it up, it’s a shot of Garabil causing all sorts of trouble now to get back into his penalty area and not provide much help from any of his teammates looking for Bale at the far post and bail match, as The referee tied the first half into place pretty much as the department expected.

Someone postpones until Casemiro gets past Casemiro and pleads with the referee that he’s not mad at the sharpest Lionel Messi down there isco now marcelo pk he never came out of the El Clasico headline but it’s a negative title for jeddah pk which is something he never wanted to do and that’s the result for Real Madrid [Applause] it is good.

Decisive attacking play from Real Madrid’s teams about success, we get players in positions around the streak, and it’s no surprise to see Marcelo in that position.


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