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Messi’s reaction to the Barcelona-Bayern Munich match 3-0

If you’re looking to get the former deco back on my toe then open it up to Leo Messi Messi can you settle it ladies and gentlemen we have a soccer game here in camp now Leo Messi #19 is on his back and he’s only 19 years old. He is now one, all we will say is the 19th goal of the season or something, but it was the 13th goal after the shirt came that says Porto Rio and I will be strong.

Uncle but t also means mate, so I don’t know if this was actually directed at uncle or was directed at some friend without registering a bastard I think they would have gotten nervous, now I think they might think we’re back.


No it’s not a yellow card for Oleg what a game we got it’s totally surreal I have to complain again that you have to wait for that ball to come back this ball isn’t in the penalty area it’s actually behind it this time the last one Kahn took Just in front of him is this guy behind him so he can put the slime back in the lead, he’s done a couple of cute goodies.

On this but Madrid I’ll tell you Madrid in the break and here we go again, you have to say, OK, this is playing in the kingdom with his hands, he’s rushing straight into the zone. You have what I think is red too.


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