Real Madrid

Neymar Jr Top 9 Performances 2021

Is there also for PSG now Neymar if they are going to play a lot like this they will need a new title and they still bring Neymar back for Messi Leonardo Messi [Applause] Neymar Neymar is still a penalty kick going up and tied the confrontation with Neymar accelerated again Neymar Neymar the name of the corner kick that Neymar shot quickly inside the Neymar area and Neymar is still walking.

Take a look at this, it’s done well, he said excellent name for the second half, it’s all good for Paris it’s come here and it’s going again, hey here, come Brazil at the other end. Via Neymar, this is where he runs well with the players, he ran great again from Neymar, here is the pass of Gabriel Jesus’ brother from the bench, there is a ceiling goal.

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