Ousmane Dembele Humiliating Everyone 2021

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It’s one of the fiercest matches in the English game and it’s straight from Old Trafford Stay with us we’ll get every kick of the ball for you right here on EA TV [Music] Well, you can definitely feel the excitement tonight here at the Theater of Dreams Old Trafford, it’s Derek Ray and I’m here on the crane bridge.

Commentary by Stewart Robson and it’s all about the excitement from the Premier League in this case it’s Manchester United vs Arsenal very well thanks Derek As always two good teams are set on a great playing surface and a vibrant atmosphere that has all the ingredients to really excite his playing [Music] Wait this is the team.

Manchester United will go with David de Gea between the columns and start with Alex Telles in the wide defensive areas Marcus Rashford starts defensive areas Marcus Rashford starts with Jaden Sancho wide And the focal point in attack today is Cristiano Ronaldo and this is the start of Arsenal 11. Well, it’s not really surprising They match here but there are a lot of different ways they can approach this match and I think they will definitely be careful today early on.


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