Lionel Messi Legendary Fake Plays

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Sometimes you do things in training that you tell yourself you’re going to do in the game and that was professional trophy but a lot of guys can do that I think you know that but the thing is you do it on the pitch that’s another thing the story is clearly [Music] On the edge of the penalty area, choose from any of the five behind this ball well who didn’t do very well, as you might be doing well on the training ground, and there was no foreign great rematch. Amazing free kick by owen Hargreaves Links.

In fact, he kept the ball in play tough while working for a marrow, what a clever penalty kick everyone expected Arizona to fall two or three steps back at the end, he fell massive and cheated everyone, what a clever penalty kick it would be the fourth. Arsenal should have a 4th position here, he lets her run and gets hit by Greenwood like Taylor gave him a chance.

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