Real Madrid

Football Stars That Celebrated Goals Like Cristiano Ronaldo

This is the most watched football game of all time 185 countries indulge in the great Clásico Two historically separated teams but in La Liga they broke up again and another exciting late goal from Real Madrid This is where the extra man pays for the first Barcelona. The final dice roll can be up.

jackpot gomez jordi albert little messi oh my god he’s doing it again he’s superhuman the forensics just blew La Liga to life [Applause] Then the chapter and the amazing story of this little guy oh my god you are.

Can’t write the script for this rope, that’s unbelievable, stop, look at the faces of Real Madrid fans and Real Madrid players is unbelievable, it’s a shame that the league opened wide his 500th goal for Barcelona is probably the most important thing he got a good move but he didn’t . I don’t care he got a good move but in prison they tied my hand. He doesn’t care what they’re going to do with him tonight, he’s scored a goal off any rock.

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