FC Barcelona vs Elche Live

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arsasuna almost found his goal in the match with his shot into the post here, the effort coming from Roberto Torres his second shot although Marc Andre in Terrestin Lionel Messi will take out this ball and find the back of the net well and shoot it in. The top corner after Sergio Reda which made him nothing for Barcelona and would pay tribute to his former idol Diego Armando Maradona, the former news player himself, and ended up in the camp without Oscar 4 Barcelona soon.

From the season in his first start to the season in the Spanish League for Barcelona, ​​Antoine Griezmann will make the score 2-0 two minutes before the end of the first half, as this wonderful volleyball managed to catch up with Sergio Herrera Griezmann, scoring his third goal in the season that would have been achieved by Philippe Coutinho. It’s three after that layoff here from Griezmann in a six-yard square to make it three’s.


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