Real Madrid

Barcelona vs Sevilla LIVE MATCH

On the turns, the puppet now holds for this devil’s shot who scores in the match for only 11 minutes, a goal they threatened in the first period of play, as Zosman Dembele got three shots he scored with Messi the third he was looking for The two people Dembele finds the hole And the striker is the one who finds the goal which means that this tie explodes to life, it is lost inside the box Dembele.

He spins 360 degrees and they just fall back on him and picks Alba’s position the first time he’s trying to pick out a Dembele defender who took advantage of the doubt [Applause] You can’t lose it to Oliver Torres, this is a good ball in the open from inside type, maybe you get a counter attack that plays really well inside.

There’s an option up here. The shots were taken with the left foot as a deviation from it which made it relatively easy [Music] Here’s a chance for Sevilla, here’s Messi falling into the trash with his left foot for another great opportunity here for Sevilla, he’s shoving off the next striker in the all white bar. [Applause] The best of all time with Messi.

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