Real Madrid

50+ Players Humiliated by Neymar Jr in Barcelona

The goalkeeper is in La Liga at the moment and they are DM’s Player of the Month for last November, Lopez told us more, yes he broke the record for the most minutes coming he had earlier in La Liga for Espanyol in the manner three changes of 2. 1 win on support from through Kondos.

The run continued unbeaten and we talked about some clean sheets and also Espanyol owner Chen Yangsheng said that this is the Espanyol team that I like and I really started to understand the identity but here is another thing he said he also wants a Chinese player asked him.

[Applause] Not just any options where Rooney’s name runs in the far post, Metis is very close to that group of MSN what used to be the Congressional Action Network through that extent of the nightclub well at first but when the cross comes along it’s on the right foot a messy Lionel like you’ll see What is that.

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