5 Times Lionel Messi Substituted & Changed The Game ► The Messi Effect

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To figure out a way to finish off the clock, I think this has a lot to do with time management here, I’m wondering now PSG said in the first half, we have to step it up a bit and try to put a little more pressure on them and PSG in changing a lot of players in support and Rafinha, how He’s the early threat here from PSG and he got caught when Stegen stopped that guy from crossing the line he was giving us.

Corner kick this is a ball in the near side what a nice little flick he goes and the referee won’t give a penalty there and Barcelona can’t believe it well I think he should give a penalty here once there are words now with the assistant behind the goal yes the assistant The extra behind the goal uh yes gave a.

The penalty kick is a big moment early in the second half, as he has had problems so far. And Barcelona is one goal away from forcing extra time well, he chose the right trap but it came under force [Applause] Good play by Mourinho is far from him

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