Real Madrid

1 in a Million Football Moments

Against the champs and he’s getting boots for that which is a bit disrespectful, I think he’s trying to get that sideways shot for one shot and she’s in the back at the back of the net [Applause] He can keep her away from Johnson with a header back [Applause] I feel a lot, yeah, my gosh, oh my, what a fluff from Robben’s centre, can he recover well, he’s come out to the level of Kante and Chelsea.

Coming in from Alex Santro and what about Cristiano Ronaldo with a header to make his No. 10 of the season make his way, four Bernardo Silva players got all the time in the world to pick one of three in the middle and Ronaldo scored just two minutes into the first goal. Meaningful touch of the ball and there’s an irregular 76-bit international goal this year, this year it’s dropping, it’s an amazing ecstasy, this isn’t just a dream, it’s a wet dream with orgasm proportions, it’s Ronaldo who is the perfect finish.

To the second perfect night of Ronaldo 4 for Real Madrid by Munich Mahlora and Real Madrid finalists of the Champions League again finally and suddenly the red shirts returned a chance for Cristiano Ronaldo 2-2 and Ronaldo became the first player to score in four different European championships they lost all but one of their matches, where Ronaldo would take long to see Sergio Alvarez and at the same end where Ronaldo scored from a long-range free kick at the weekend against Rayon, so another goalkeeper was cheated. To the water and Alice on his head

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