The trait that has allowed Luka Jovic to find his best form yet

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Real Madrid has found its reserve striker. Having signed Luka Jovic for €60m in 2019, Real Madrid has finally given a string of chances, and the striker himself has finally managed to show the pinnacle of a more subtle skill.

Jovic has excelled in the past for Real, namely with a heel help in January 2020. But it was impossible for him to have consistent matches, as Karim Benzema is one of the best strikers in the world and very important to Los Blancos.

Benzema’s injury in the first half against Real Sociedad provided a great opportunity for Jovic, who was injured before Elche in his previous chance to start. Jovic struggled against Real Madrid in the first half after being thrown into the fire, but came out of the flames as a new man by producing an impressive second half, scoring and assisting both goals in the 2-0 win.

However, it didn’t stop there. Jovic was strong against Inter Milan in the Champions League, providing important passes. And last Sunday in the derby, Jovic won the money in another big game. He came off the bench so Benzema could get more rest, and helped Real Madrid extend their lead to 2-0 by providing Vinicius Junior’s assist to Marco Asensio.

Luka Jovic started to look like number 9 at Real Madrid

On this goal, Jovic parried the defender and then made a perfectly weighted pass to Vinicius, who could move in his stride and provide official assistance to Asensio. Jovic was central to this goal, even if basic stats don’t give the Serbia international a role in the goal.

Accuracy of playing, vision and passing sum up what has changed in Jovic in this fruitful vein of form with Los Blancos. Previously, Jovic was often on the sidelines of matches or not sufficiently involved with his teammates. Now, Jovic is much more active off the ball and more confident with the players around him, and this results in him making good passes and controlling the ball in the central areas.

Jovic scored an opportunistic header and finale against Real Madrid, and was known for scoring at Eintracht Frankfurt before joining Real Madrid in 2019. But what is even more impressive now is the amount of help he provides as a facilitator.

At Real Madrid, it is very important for the number 9 to be a player in the squad and to be able to help the wingers get into the scoring positions. You have to be more than just a goal scorer in Madrid, you have to do more creative than just help out.

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Jovic uses his body well, shows good vision, and gives better finishing execution in his passing. The 23-year-old’s make-up play is totally commendable and he has proven to be a true asset to Los Blancos during these matches in which Benzema was unable to play for the full 90 minutes. And because Benz’s minutes have to be managed more this season due to his commitments with France, Jovic’s overall appearance is a story worth watching in the second half of the season.

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