Real Madrid coloca precio a Hazard y ya tiene dos pretendientes en la Premier League

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Hazard’s future is clear and he will not continue as a Real Madrid player. The Madrid entity seeks to exit the next transfer market. Ancelotti does not take that into account, he has played only 11 games (415 points) despite suffering less injury than in other seasons.

Vinicius’ brilliant moment at Real Madrid closed Hazard’s doors once and for all. The owner of the left winger is the Brazilian, who is at a much better level than the Belgian. That is why the white club is already looking for his exit and has already put a price on the number “7”.

According to the English press, Real Madrid expects to sell him next summer at about 25 million euros. Newspaper expression Ensures that West Ham and Everton are the two teams interested in Hazard. The number they will pay will be very far from the 100 million paid by Florentino Perez when he signed in 2019.

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