No se guardó nada: Polémica respuesta de Lewandowski a Messi por el Balón de oro

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Robert Lewandowski was one of the favorites to win the Ballon d’Or, but in the end it was Messi who took home the award. More than one person questioned France Football’s decision. Upon receiving the award, the Argentine dedicated a few words to the pole: “It’s a special night for me. It’s a great honor to fight Lewandowski, I won the Ballon d’Or last year and France Football should give it to you. You were just the winner, you should have it at home too ” .

Messi’s message was the reason why the magazine did not decide in 2020 to hand over the prize for the epidemic that caused the Corona virus, and the pole was the deserved winner that year. However, in an interview with Moc Futbolu of the Polish network Kanale Sportowym, the Bayern Munich forward questioned Messi’s message: “I would like it to be an honest, great statement from a great player and not just a statement but not just words. Of course, I don’t want to be proud or excited, but like I said, there is a choice entirely that depends on everything you do.“.

They also asked him if the PSG player had invited him to celebrate together, but the Pole denied due to the language difference and it was difficult to communicate. “It can only be done in one language. So we were only able to exchange a few words, but it seems to me that we were all immersed in the group of friends and family and it wasn’t possible to talk to everyone‘, he announced.

«You are so close and you are fighting for the position with a great and great player like Messi, and then you get the comments you deserve… Obviously I respect the way Messi has played and what he has achieved and the level he has given him, but just the fact that I am able to compete for the position with him For me, it is an indicator of my own level. I obviously appreciate it, it makes me so proud, but deep down I was sad it wasn’t a day or two but more, and I’m glad we haven’t played a game this week at this time«, announced 9 from Bayern Munich.

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