Real Madrid have best free transfer of last 7 years even before Mbappe

Real Madrid continued their winning streak in La Liga by beating Seville at the weekend. This win has even more allegorical value given that Real Madrid have now opened a massive four-point lead at the top of the table over cross-city rivals Atletico Madrid and Real Sociedad, who tied with 29 points from 14 games. On the other hand, Los Blancos are comfortably seated at 33 points from 14 games.

Real Madrid’s transfer activity has been very restricted this summer in terms of new purchases, and the club has just settled with two new faces. First, a free transfer that saw David Alaba move from German giants Bayern Munich to the Spanish capital. Secondly, the deadline for the transfer was on the day set to return the sought-after midfield target, the young Frenchman, Eduardo Camavinga.

Although the activity was limited, it was of high quality. Both newcomers have settled well into the club, while one has become an absolute stone in defense and a first-choice starter, and the second aids greatly in rotations and provides veterans with some much-needed relief.

As such, given the transfer activity over the past few years, I find myself compelled to make this argument that David Alaba has been the best free agent in world football since Robert Lewandowski’s dream move to Bayern Munich from Borussia Dortmund. David Alaba is the best free agent signing of the past seven years, and here are my reasons for it.

Real Madrid, David Alaba (Photo by JOSEP LAGO / AFP via Getty Images)

David Alaba’s former teammate at Bayern Munich was the last huge free transfer

When we talk about the recent signings of the free agent, there is hardly a name that can obscure the impact that Robert Lewandowski’s move to Bayern Munich has had on the world of football. He undoubtedly holds the crown here. However, my claim is that since his move in 2014, there has been no other signature better than David Alaba and he deserves to finish second.

There is Edinson Cavani at Manchester United. The Uruguayan worked his magic in the theater of dreams, he scored his goals and was instrumental in the European League season last season. But truth be told, his transfer doesn’t even come close to Alaba’s transfer file. At 29 years old, Alaba has an ultimate advantage over him.

Thiago Silva to Chelsea is also a move that drained due to the Brazilian’s age factor. He was instrumental in the blues otherwise. And let’s not forget that he was part of the team that won the Champions League last season. The last transfer I would like to consider in the discussion is Leon Goretzka to Bayern Munich. He joined the Bavarians in 2018/19 and was a key player for them, winning titles and gaining fame on the road.

Not forgetting that Gianluigi Donnarumma’s move to PSG is one of the huge potential, but while there is already someone as reliable as Keylor Navas, I don’t know how much sense that will make for people. It’s subjective, to say the least.

Come now, David Alaba. In my opinion, David Alaba is the clear winner to carry the crown for being the best free agent signing in the past seven years. No other transfer comes close to his profile and needless to say he has fully justified it so far in the season, as I argued previously.

The pictorial feature of replacing someone as important as Sergio Ramos is another plus for Alaba to make his case. His skills have already been one of the things we look forward to in every game Real Madrid has played so far. He is superior to Leon Goretzka in terms of the amount he adds on the field. He is very versatile and can play in different positions on the pitch and has been all over the field with Real Madrid so far. In quick time, he has become one of the best players at the club and deserves to be called the best free agent signing since signing Lewa in 2014.

My colleague Sai Alaba was recently ranked as the club’s fourth most valuable asset at €65m. This makes a perfect closing argument, it also adds to the club’s finances while doing his best and more for the club. Alaba is a gem and to say the least here is that Los Blancos is very lucky to have gotten it for free.

The only way I see his isolation is for Kylian Mbappe, Real Madrid’s priority in the upcoming transfer window, to sign for free in the next summer window rather than joining the club in January for a transfer fee. At this point in time, there simply couldn’t be a better free agent signature than Kylian Mbappe.

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With a free transfer on the cards, the Frenchman could be the one to challenge Alaba for the crown or even Lewandowski. But the madridistas hope that Mbappe will join the White Army as soon as possible, with January being the best chance of the time. Talk about money? Nothing would be better than a free transfer next summer.

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