Real Madrid fans are laughing at PSG spoiling Kylian Mbappe’s goal

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It was another great night in the Champions League for Real Madrid fans. Real Madrid produced a dominant display, defeating Al Sharif Tiraspol 3-0 away to secure qualification. David Alaba goals, Toni Kroos – who seems to be unable to stop scoring impressive goals – and Karim Benzema sealed the deal with Los Blancos.

Real Madrid will now play Inter in the final match of the Champions League group stage. If Real avoids losing the match, he will end the group as leader.

But that’s not the only thing Real Madrid fans feel at the top of the world. And their rival, Atletico Madrid, lost to Milan at home, who are now in dire need of beating Porto in their last match, similar to what Barcelona faces in their group.

Real Madrid fans can’t stop laughing at PSG’s loss

But even that does not stop the Real Madrid fans from feeling the joy. Kylian Mbappe, who is rumored to join Real Madrid next season, has scored a Goal against Manchester City. However, PSG managed to seal their lead, and the star-studded team ended up losing to Manchester City and is now on the cusp of finishing second in the group.

This result witnessed a set of unbridled reactions from Real Madrid fans around the world, because it is the ideal situation for them: Mbappe scores a goal, but Paris Saint-Germain loses:

This really sums up what the majority of Real Madrid fans are thinking at the moment:

Some fans also talk about how Mbappe was supposed to benefit from the arrival of Leo Messi, but he was the team’s only hope so many times, with Messi suffering and Neymar staying out through injury:

Honestly, it makes a lot of sense by the way it looks. Mbappe has been Paris Saint-Germain’s best player this season, and without him they wouldn’t have had that much advantage in the French league. Already this season.

There were other fans who spoke at length about Messi’s struggles:

This next tweet makes more sense now than it did back then, to be perfectly honest. Even if PSG can go without Mbappe when the time comes due to the brilliance of Neymar Jr and Leo Messi, I doubt they will have much after their best players start to slip away.

As people noted from the whole story last summer, I doubt the highly-rated young players will want to join PSG when they look at the way their biggest star has been treated. Read this and see for yourself:

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If Paris Saint-Germain takes second place in their group and Real Madrid leads, there is a possibility that the two teams will clash in the round of 16 of the Champions League. If that happens, I really hope Real Madrid can win two games, because it will show that you can’t really build a team of stars and expect them to come together well.

Chemistry matters a lot more than people think.

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