Look What Cristiano Ronaldo Did After Missing The World Cup Qualification vs Serbia

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But let’s start with this because Portugal are facing Serbia, yes a draw we will see them by being at home Cristiano there is Bernardo there is Ruben Diaz there they scored the early goal Renato Sanchez ok Serbia is a good team but you know even then make some changes Mitrovic on the bench and then what happened and then this The team has no certainty, they don’t really know that they have no identity, they are not defensive

The side they are not on the offensive side, either they don’t have much when they play, they don’t have much ball, I mean they were defeated in possession by Serbia and the match was in Portugal apart from Pepe. We stopped playing as I said all of their players are fit or almost fit for a very talented team and yet they can’t get the ball more than Serbia playing away from home, for me it’s Fernando Santos who is primarily responsible for that. He shouldn’t have been in this position, it should have been so long maybe even after 2016 because it’s not good enough because you can’t have those guys and play so bad with no direction, no structure, I mean Renato was probably He is the best player in this team because he is only able to do a run alone with the ball but collectively there was nothing, the complete bikes Joel Concerto is one of the best soccer balls in the world and in this team he looked like a shadow of himself it’s like him a nun playing second we’re going into That’s a little

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