Cristiano Ronaldo

Barcelona vs Real Madrid 1-3

The suits are ringing around Dela’s husband returning to Barcelona after bouts of betting of course if this is the time Real Madrid have signed Galacticos, they’ve done some recruits this summer but they tend to be players to bolster the squad, it’s a very solid start. Now though keep starting from now and there we go to light the fire against Manchester United who beat him.

Manchester City lost to Barcelona until they tied against the MLS All-Stars, but tonight hope to peek at Kovic, it’s a great ball on top by Suarez with the shapes of the calendars. [Applause] Chance for us as Barcelona’s first position target for players in regards to offside there’s Gareth Bale on Tite south of Barcelona The Catumet case was a little aggressive there darling of course Alex helped inside a popular champ in these parts going on the outside spur has options he throws with him, he goes With dancing feet – the deception he enters very subtly and thinks of those Jitsa

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