It’s sad to see what happened to James Rodriguez

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There was a moment in time when James Rodriguez was the fastest rising star in world football. He grabbed the spotlight at the 2014 World Cup, scoring one of the best goals in the tournament’s history, which is no exaggeration. And he finished the tournament with six impressive goals and assisted two goals, to move to Real Madrid, worth 90 million euros. At that time, only the transfers of La Liga stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez were worth more in the history of the sport.

To say that James failed to live up to expectations would be an overly simplistic and unfair summary of his career at the Santiago Bernabeu. Because the truth is, James seemed to be worth every penny at first.

He’s been performing a lot like a superstar. The Colombian attacking midfielder scored many goals for Los Blancos and, above all, was a key make-up for the brawny front three of Ronaldo, Bale and Karim Benzema.

In his first season with the club, James was one of the best players in Europe, scoring 13 goals and 13 assists. LaLiga was at its peak in terms of interest, and James was putting on a show for millions each week. The relationship he had with Ronaldo was exceptional.

James Rodriguez was not a loser at Bayern either

Although James wasn’t as strong in his second season, he still accumulated 15 goal contributions, splitting roughly evenly between goals and assists once again. And in his final season with Los Blancos before his loan move to Bayern Munich, James had 14 goals.

Even at Bayern under Carlo Ancelotti, James achieved dizzying success. In the first year of his two-year loan, the man scored 7 goals and 11 assists. that’s cool. Some of his plays are just as amazing as the ones he did when he was a freshman madridista. In another historical aspect, James has earned his place.

However, that following season, the realist Niko Kovac entered, bringing with him a style of play more suited to the mid-table side he had previously extolled. Kovac won the double but frustrated fans and players alike with a style that did not match Bayern Munich’s dominance. It was a transitional year for the team as a whole, and James suffered. He did not fit into Kovac’s system and was shunned by the manager despite being excellent at his efficiency. In only 13 participations and 7 matches on the bench, James scored 7 goals and made 3 assists.

Bayern Munich were not interested in buying James – not even selling him elsewhere. And so James returned to Real Madrid. Unfortunately, he was not heading to the glorified Real Madrid, but rather to Real Madrid who needed some rescue after the terrible 2018-2019 season and with serious problems in his team.

James Rodriguez is no longer fit for Real Madrid

Zinedine Zidane was forced to play the same kind of realistic and defensive football first in a transfer team that Kovac played at Bayern Munich. He gave James playing opportunities to start the season, and the experienced No. 10 was really good. The man even stepped up to the defense, assisting Real Madrid in an important 1-0 win over Sevilla rookie Julen Lopetegui at the Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan.

This would be his last resort, so to speak. James struggled to keep fit and was not fit the way Real Madrid played. The team went on to win the title that season, with James being just a footnote by the end of the campaign. In his final year with Real Madrid, James did not score even 500 minutes in La Liga or even 90 minutes in the Champions League.

Having shown signs of quality at Everton under Carlo Ancelotti, James is now completely out of the picture, playing in Qatar. And things aren’t quite so well for him in the league that has a reputation for being a payday for stars nearing the end of their careers.

At 30, James will probably never play for a big club again. This sounds like a safe statement. However, it hurts to say that, not only because of the joy James has brought to so many of us at Real Madrid and other clubs, but also because it represents the way the now-old magic No.10 center is out of date.

Through thick and thin, the situation is not as there as before. This is the main explanation why James, who was one of the most proficient playmakers from 2014 to 2018, suddenly became a veteran player playing in the final years of his career without glory.

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Real Madrid fans will always fondly remember James’ high points, but even those who consider him one of their favorites cannot say he was wronged by the club. As Florentino Perez likes to say, James’ cycle is over. But not only in Madrid. in soccer. And not just James. But the old No. 10 as a storey spot institution. The most beautiful role in the beautiful game has been replaced, leaving a new generation of game makers to carve out a new niche.

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