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Why Vinicius Jr is the most improved player in Europe

Real Madrid has a gem in his hands now. There is simply no one to replace Vinicius Jr., as they explained before. PSG wanted to include him in the Mbappe deal on multiple occasions, but he was always a no-brainer for Real Madrid, even when he wasn’t playing well.

This season, we are witnessing the maturation of Vinicius Jr. We see him transform into a player that everyone thought he would become one day, which is why Real Madrid raised huge funds to secure his services for many years.

Now, on the brink of a new decade, Vinicius Jr is proving to be worth every penny and more. It shows how good he is, and how much potential he has to become even better in the seasons to come. If you think this is anywhere close to his head or his potential, I promise you, you are wrong.

Vinicius could become one of the best players in the world very soon, showing the desire to become the best by doing things that only a superstar can do. In fact, I will go on record and say that Vinicius Jr is the best MIP this season so far in all of European football. He’s shown the most improvement from the previous season, and if there’s an award in football as there is in the NBA, he’s probably the best candidate to win it, in my opinion at least.

Vinicius Junior of Real Madrid has made a huge leap in terms of statistics and more

Currently, in all competitions, Vinicius Junior has scored nine goals and five assists in 16 games for Real Madrid, according to FBref. That’s a huge improvement in the six goals and four assists in 44 games last season. In fact, if you add up his goals in every 90 minutes of his previous three seasons at Real Madrid (0.55 goals per 90 in three seasons combined), that number is still close to his numbers for this season (0.69 goals per 90 in just one season). ). It’s amazing how big a leap Vinicius has made in just one season, and it will be very interesting to see how much he improves from here. As I mentioned in this article, he is also the second in La Liga in xG hyper performance,

Vinicius is also ranked 98th in Europe (in his position) for progressive carry per 90 minutes, with 10.83 to his name. He also ranks 96th in the number of touches in the attacking penalty area per 90 with 7.68 to his name. The Brazilian averages more key passes per 90, more shot creation actions per 90, more goal creation actions per 90, and a lot more than he has in his entire career. It’s amazing.

If you forget the stats, for now, the things he brings to the table, nobody does it on the whole team. There is a lot of chaos and panic among the opposing defenders whenever Vinicius gets the ball, often resulting in goals being scored against the course of play. He used to do that in previous seasons, but he does it more now. Vinicius gets Real Madrid out of tough situations, and that really can’t be put into the stats, right?

He’s not the only one who showed improvement last season. There are a lot of players in Europe who have done that and will continue to do so. But, I don’t think there is anyone out there who does it all at such a high level, with such consistency and so much thirst for improvement. Let me tell you one thing, he will only improve if (when) Kylian Mbappe joins Real Madrid, and although he may need to make some adjustments, he will form a partnership with the other French and that could be unplayable. When the players really feel it.

Are there better players than Vinicius Junior right now? certainly. Is there anyone in the world more brilliant than Vinicius? likely. Has anyone other than Vini shown such a big improvement at this level? There is no chance in Hell.

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