Manchester United EPIC COMEBACK

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Alexis Sanchez fought this derby for the first time and Romelu Lukaku, who has scored nine goals in his last nine for club and country, climbed again to the top, we came back from Bernardo Silva and got his first silver on his knee and the young man slipped but went up with his liver. For, you must also remember that the machine guns were working before the match and it’s just a slip I don’t think there was a try I think he wasn’t able to call Danilo.

He would have come to the point that Pogba was a strong Sterling and he stopped him and moved away from Herrera and fed David Silva who shot well He looked down on a perfect surface with disdain and seemed to blame that and when that was he lost at first and bounced back to Sterling and then the youngster was gone To his heel Bernardo Silva Rahim Sterling Bernardo Silva on the floor

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