Cristiano Ronaldo

The Day Cristiano Ronaldo Taught Football to Neymar & Mbappe

The day Cristiano Ronaldo taught Neymar and Mbappe football

She definitely won and what a way to celebrate your 1000th match as a glorified girl manager from El Shaarawy. [Applause] Closer to her, snodgrass was hoping Lanzini would fall, it’s unbelievable what a goal Manuel Lanzini scored and more likely than West Ham United’s comeback.

Kick in the game, the ninth players collapsed to the ground and saw they were heading to the vantage point with a goal we didn’t think Jamaica was completely speechless, and so did everyone inside this stadium I can’t believe in full – time Glory whistle glory John Hofstra in the Champions League semi-finals The most amazing thing most of us have ever achieved

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