Para Casemiro estos son los mejores mediocentros de la actualidad

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In recent years, when talking about the best midfielders in the world, Casemiro and N’Golo Kante are always mentioned. Gustavo Hotmann, journalist for ESPN Brazil, asked 14 Real Madrid, which for him is the best DCM today and I don’t want to bother everyone answering that kind of question.

Instead of being able to make a Top 5, Casemiro has pinpointed the last position in which N’Golo Kanté played, and also included other midfielders, such as Busquets and Fabinho.

CASEMIRO has studied who is the best middle school in the world

“I’d rather you answer that (laughs). I would like to mention that N’Golo Kanté, despite being an exceptional player, was playing for Chelsea in a different position, with more freedom to attack. The first defensive midfielder – at Chelsea – is Jorginho. It is also worth noting that there are other top level players in this role, such as Busquets and Fabinho. But just because I was mentioned as one of the best, I am happy and keep working to develop more and more.”

-1 N’Golo Kanté (although lately he’s had more offensive freedom).

-2 homemade.

3 Sergio Busquets.

4- Fabinho.

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