Inside Marcus Rashford’s House Take a Tour of Manchester United Forward’s Pad

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Inside Marcus Rashford’s home, tour the Manchester United stand forward.

Hello mate. – How are you? You are fine? – I’m good. How are you doing? – yes I’m fine. – Nice to see you. When you walk in, the first thing you notice…I think you call this a memorial locker – very hard to miss – I would probably call it, like, the Rashford Mausoleum.

This is everything you have ever achieved. – Yes, most of it. You know, personally, for me, hats hold great importance. So these are the England internationals? – Yeah, but it’s not just for the first team, you know, they come back under 16, you know, they are assigned to each game. And little tassels, too. Ever worn out? – No, I think it’s a bit elegant for me to wear out. – Very stylish. Talking about the FA Cup Final matches: Manchester United and Crystal Palace there. 21st May 2018. Is this the actual reboot you played?

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