Paul Pogba INJURY, manager target Ten Hag ‘reluctant’ to leave Ajax, Solskjaer LATEST

Ron to watch

Cristiano Ronaldo could leave Manchester United if they lose the Champions League next season, according to Express.

When signing for the club, he said: “I’m not here on vacation.

“Like I told you, it was good before, winning important things and I wore the shirt many years ago, but I’m here to win again.

“I am capable, me and my teammates. I am ready to go, I am ready to go. It is a good opportunity for me, for the fans, and for the club, to take a step forward.

I’m ready and I think I’m going to be something big in the next three or four years.”

So far, Ronaldo has not disappointed.

He has scored nine goals from 13 games so far this season, including five in the Champions League alone.

But United are stuck in the wrong predicament under Solskjaer, who appears lost when it comes to a solution.

Thus, it is certainly possible that Ronaldo will be looking to leave if the Red Devils continue to fall.

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