La condición de Cristiano Ronaldo para no irse de Manchester United

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The season did not start well for Manchester United. They managed to make good deals that promised a big change in the club, and only Cristiano Ronaldo fulfilled the expectations. Today they occupy sixth place in the English Premier League, five points behind the UEFA Champions League places. The Red Devils suffered two consecutive defeats at home, one against Liverpool (0-5) and Manchester City (0-2), which worried the team and the club’s fans.

as posted expressionCristiano Ronaldo did not accept to play in the European League next season. 7 for Manchester United 9 goals in 13 games, five of them in the Champions League. The Portuguese does not rule out leaving the club at the end of the season if they end up in places in the second European competition, a tournament he has not played before.

One of his former compatriots, Rio Ferdinand, recently expressed his opinion on what it means for Cristiano Ronaldo to play in the UEFA Europa League: “I think he will see the Europa League as a disgrace on his resume. I don’t know if in the history of football there was a more decisive person than him. He always thinks about small proportions and small details, because he knows that at the end of his career he has to take care of him the most. His mindset is unparalleled‘, I pointed to him athlete.

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