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A few months ago, the German football team held a small event with Toni Kroos, they asked him to choose the best XL from the best players he shared in his football career.

Everything was going well, until it was time to choose the heart of the team’s striker, the German responded in a very surprising way. They all thought I would choose Benzema A player who made more history with him, but stayed with him Miroslav Klose.

cross He made his decision very clear, giving a lot of credit to the historic goalscorer of the German football team.

For Kroos, Miroslav Klose sits above Benzema in 11 companies

“On one hand, it’s because of his quality on the field. As a midfielder, Miro is the perfect center forward because he knew me well and had great careers so I could find him. The other reason is that when I came to the first team at 16 or 17, he was one of those Who made me feel welcome. He took care of me and made sure I was okay. We quickly developed a good personal relationship, which we were able to introduce to the national team. The former Bayern Munich, said in statements (2021) shared and translated on the “German Football” channel on the website YouTube, he’s also the all-time top scorer in a World Cup, and that says it all.

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