Le preguntaron a Toni Kroos quién es el mejor defensa de todo los tiempos y así respondió

Toni Kroos has always been a very consistent person on and off the field. Ahead of the start of this season, highlight one of the most talked about debates in football history: Who is the best defender of all time?

When Sergio Ramos’ departure from Real Madrid became official, on the eighth of the Madrid squad, he praised the Spanish captain, calling him the best defender in history.

The official media of the UEFA Champions League asked Toni Kroos to define Sergio Ramos in a few words: “Best defense ever“.

Then he shared a photo on social networks expressing his opinion of Sergio Ramos as the new Paris Saint-Germain defender: “I don’t need so many words. The best defense of all time. What a pleasure it was to play with you, Sergio Ramos. “

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