Cristiano Ronaldo

Haaland & Mbappe WHO?! EVEN Then C.Ronaldo Was MURDEROUS

Haaland and Mbappe who?! Even then Ronaldo was angry

Tonight we hope to see an end with the blossoming echoes of 1998. [Applause] [Music] Great rival Lionel Messi has found international glory after losing several weeks in the game’s official party run or in general.

The championship then Antoine Griezmann who came close to playing for Portugal, his grandfather’s country in third place and won the other two, but Portugal is the second quintet towards the nanny who controls it and you will feel that this is an opportunity that has become a great one, and the first touch could not settle himself. down to blast past lori in a brisbane way now with a delicate touch she didn’t reach your room she knocked ahsoka and that moon sings

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