Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo spotted at ‘celebrity hotspot’ restaurant in Cheshire visited by Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

Manchester United legend Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted at a famous Chinese restaurant in Cheshire.

The Fortune City on London Road, Holmes Chapel, has hosted many celebrities over the years, with photos of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift at the famous restaurant nearly a decade ago while they were dating.

Beverly Callard, Sol Campbell, and Jordan Henderson were also photographed at the restaurant, apparently enjoying the “authentic” food served.

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Now, the site can add Ronaldo to the list of famous visitors.

Owner Brian Ho CheshireLive told that customers spotted the legendary soccer player in the restaurant while he was not at work.

He said: “Our most famous guests over the years are always involved in football, a few clients told me that Cristiano Ronaldo visited them, but I wasn’t at work that evening.

Gareth Barry and Scott Carson pictured with Brian Ho in Fortune City

“We have a few guests from TV, and we often have stars from Coronation Street or TV announcers.

“They are all very nice and are happy to sign autographs or take pictures with other guests, but since they are usually outside with their families, we try to maintain a level of privacy for them to enjoy their evening.”

Ho’s parents opened the restaurant in 1985 and he still uses his father’s recipes, but has modified them over the years to make them his own.

Beverly Callard, who plays Liz MacDonald on Coronation Street, in Fortune

He believes that this originality of the cuisine attracts all of its customers, regardless of the status of celebrities.

“I think it’s this level of authenticity that attracts all of our customers, whether they are in the public eye or not,” he added.

“It’s something I take into account every time we introduce a new dish, to keep Fortune City Chinese Restaurant that way, an authentic Chinese restaurant you might find in China, here in Cheshire.

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“Our customers have been loyal and supportive of us since the beginning, many of them still dine at Fortune City to this day, their children now have their families and they are the patrons of Fortune City as well.

“They have all become friends on this journey with us, which we deeply appreciate.”

Singer Harry Styles previously praised the restaurant in an interview, revealing his ‘strongest’ memories of his time in Cheshire.

Pictures of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift in Fortune City on a date

The former One Direction star used to live next door to the establishment, and told a “Fine Line” interview with Zane Lowe that he’d open his window to smell food from his “favorite restaurant” after school.

Brian Ho, owner of Fortune City, said: “He was known to bring Taylor Swift for a meal a few years ago, and sometimes he still goes in for a meal with friends and family.

“It’s always nice when someone calls us their favorite restaurant, not to mention someone famous in the stratosphere by the name of Harry.”


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