Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Shows Neymar & Mbappe Who is The Boss

I really need their supporters behind them tonight at the Santiago Bernabeu, things haven’t gone as smoothly as usual over the course of this season in fact, only two of the last six games since the girls have played six Champions League games this season for Neymar’s 9th. 6 for Cristiano Ronaldo.

And Paris Saint-Jammar, the delegate of the commission did not make the most of, yes or no, the maximum dress read tonight began to rock in the mood, it was run from Marcelo and returned to drink Benzema [Applause] let’s go ahead again let’s go close Tony Chris was shot he was safe with some difficulty well they weren’t ready for the corn take it fast Tully crow spit and he’s on Pachicha again it might be the best

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