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Ronaldo Nazario Explains Why ‘Real Ronaldo’ Is Boring For Cristiano Ronaldo

How to distinguish between these two Ronaldo has always been somewhat of an issue since Cristiano Ronaldo came on the scene and showed his brilliance.

The Manchester United striker always had to go some way to live up to his Brazilian name, but during an impressive career, he did just that.

“Original Ronaldo” and “Fat Ronaldo” have both been used harshly at times to describe the man who has won the World Player of the Year award three times.

Asked by Fabio Cannavaro via Instagram Live about his nickname “Real Ronaldo,” the 45-year-old said, “For CR7, it must be boring to hear that I’m the real Ronaldo.

“People cannot be compared. Cristiano will remain in football history for the goals and for the continuity he has achieved. He will remain one of the best, like Messi.”

The Brazilian was named the best in the world before reaching his 21st birthday in 1996 and again a year later. He finished second in 1998 and might have won the award that year had it not been for his mysterious injury on the day of the World Cup final.

He finally started the game, having initially been left out of the starting line-up when the team papers were handed, but France, inspired by Zinedine Zidane, were too good for Selecao and Ronaldo was like a ghost himself on the pitch.

The 2002 World Cup winner had a very good career, but he would have been better had it not been for the serious injuries that continued to affect him, especially the recurring knee problems.

It’s something that Cristiano Ronaldo has been fortunate to have kept out of his career as his fitness hasn’t deteriorated much despite turning 36.

Despite this pressure, Ronaldo is reportedly still confident in his manager’s abilities.

Ronaldo and Ronaldo will forever be associated with their names.


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