La Liga introduces ‘El Clasico’ brand identity for Barcelona v Real Madrid rivalry

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La Liga, the Spanish football league, fuels the sentiment between its two prominent clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid, with a new logo and brand identity for the “El Clasico” competition between the duo.

The term ‘El Clasico’ has spread to media and fans alike, and has come into common use to describe one of the most famous sporting encounters on the planet, with matches between Barcelona and Real reportedly generating over $40 million in media value for sponsors.

Promotional activity usually focuses on individual clubs or the league as a whole, but La Liga has chosen to capitalize on the global interest behind its biggest player by projecting El Clasico as its distinctive brand identity.

The new image will form part of La Liga’s armory to promote its competition and clubs to international audiences.

Speaking to a younger demographic, custom typography is geared towards audiences outside of Spain and football, with an emphasis on inclusivity and excitement by drawing on the digital environments most popular in esports, television, and urban culture.

Set to usher in the next El Clasico scheduled for October, the bold new look will be implemented across all media and pushed hard across digital and media campaigns, international media activations, press conferences, and international events.

The shift in approach will see La Liga confirm its competitive spirit by raising the bar for other famous matches including El Gran Derbi, El Derbi de Madrid and El Derbi Vasco to capture the attention of fans.

This follows efforts to engage with new audiences on TikTok and India as part of a coordinated global charm offensive.


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