Why Marco Asensio to Dortmund is rubbish

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Real Madrid may be open to selling Marco Asensio in the upcoming transfer window, depending on the types of offers they receive. Although Carlo Ancelotti has been trying to involve Asensio in his plans, the left footed has remained quite as inconsistent as he was in the 2020-2021 season under Zinedine Zidane. And no Madridista is surprised by this either.

Aside from an impressive hat-trick against Mallorca where the opponent gave him acres of space in the middle of the field to shoot, Asensio has been a shadow of Los Blancos this season. His recent performances were so frustrating that Carlo Ancelotti went with the more energetic Lucas Vazquez on the right wing. The decision pays off.

If Asensio is in the transfer market, where can he go? There are rumors that Marco Asensio may go to Borussia Dortmund. One person covering Dortmund seemed skeptical of this rumor, and I’d like to expand on this “report” from El Nacional and crush it.

The original source for this report has no track record and it was only recently that transfer rumors were reported. None of them are to be believed, and every rumor about Real Madrid is as ridiculous as the previous one. The return of Sergio Reguilon? Toni Kroos to Newcastle? Who will buy any of them?

Marco Asensio is not the type that Dortmund usually buy

But let’s use logic specifically to refute the possibility of Asensio moving to Dortmund, because this is a move that would make absolutely no sense for Black and Yellow.

Tell me, when was the last time Dortmund signed a 25/26-year-old player who lacked dynamism for €30-40m? How many times have they signed an established player with exorbitant wages and limited resale value?

Asensio does not fit the spirit of the quality of players Dortmund are buying. They go after young, up-and-coming players who could become stars. If they sign a veteran, they choose someone who understands the club and is among the best in their position in the league, such as Mats Hummels, or someone cheap who can start in a position where it is difficult to hire a young shareholder. Thomas Meunier (missigned, by the way) and Axel Witsel come to mind. Even the signings of Thorgan Hazard and Julian Brandt are decent, being signed as relatively young Bundesliga stars with top-level league playing experience.

Meanwhile, Asensio hasn’t been great in a long time. Dortmund already have two attacking midfielders and two wings that perform better at the moment and more advanced in the future than Asensio. These players are also cheaper in terms of wages, such as Brandt, Hazard and young Gio Reyna.

Asensio could be a reclamation project for a Premier League team that has money to spend. But Dortmund? Why would they invest their precious money on someone who can’t be explosive enough to play football with his exciting style on the wings and clearly no better than the current offensive midfield options? Asensio won’t get minutes on Marco Reus or Reina, for example.

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So don’t take the Asensio rumors with Dortmund seriously. it has no meaning. If he goes anywhere, it’s a club that isn’t afraid to risk a veteran pilot with the recognition of his name. On the other hand, BVB doesn’t care. They want more affordable investments or seasoned players.

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